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softap® full lips & liner

Full lips are lustrous and beautiful most women desire them. At Permanent Makeup of Tulsa we can make that desire a reality. Our skilled artists can give your lips full lustrous look, or permanently apply lip liner.  


softtap® eyeliner & eyebrow liner

Eyeliner is the hardest makeup to apply, yet the most universally used. Our professional artists can ensure you’ll never have to reapply your eyeliner again. Our skilled artists can fine stroke every hair on your eyebrows, giving you those perfect eyebrows, each and every time.


wake up in your makeup

With Permanent Makeup your eyeliner is always ready to go. Your lips can be as full as the movie stars and that perfect shade. Never worry about those intimate moments ruining your makeup, you’ll look your best at all times. 


scar & blemish removal

Do you have unsightly scars, white spots, or blemishes our skilled professionals

can cover them up, and make them disappear


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